Freedom vs Security Pt I

I want to talk a little about Freedom vs Security, what those words mean to different people, what they mean to each other, and how they are diametrically opposed to one another. To have one, you must give up the other, so it becomes a choice presented to you which you would rather have. However, before that, I want to share a story that I believe illustrates this concept beautifully.

It's the fable of The Hungry Wolf and the House Dog from Aesop's Fables:

A skinny and hungry wolf by chance met a well-nourished dog. After the salutation, the wolf asked:

"You look so good, where do you come from? What do you eat to be of such a good spirit? I am stronger than you and I starve."

"You would have the same fortune," the dog responded simply, "if you wanted to serve my master the way I do it."

"What services are these?" the wolf asked.

"To guard the door and at night defend the house against the thieves."

"Good!" cried the wolf. "I'll do it. I bear rain and snow in the forests leading a miserable life. How much easier it would be to live under a roof and calmly satiate my hunger with abundant food!"

"All right," said the dog, "come with me. I will take you to my master." While they walked, the wolf saw the dog's neck, worn bare by a chain around his throat.

"Tell me, friend," said the wolf, "where does that come from?"

"That's nothing."

"Please, I must know."

"When I am too unquiet," the dog replied, "they tie me during the day so that I sleep when there is light and I watch when the night arrives. When the twilight comes, I walk wherever I want. They bring the food to me without asking for it, the master gives me the bones from his own table, the servants give me the rests and the sauces which nobody wants anymore. This way, my belly fills up without having to work."

"But if you wish to leave and go wherever you want, do they allow you to do that?"

"No, not at all," said the dog. "I would not be able to protect the master else."

"Well then," said the wolf, "enjoy your goods. I would not wish to be king in exchange of my freedom!"


Cultivating the Expectation of Leadership Pt II

Be the Leader.

Do the things the Leader would do...

...and you will Have the things the Leader has.

It seems so easy, and yet if you think about it, it's easy to be overwhelmed by this concept of "leadership." So what are these things?

Firstly, it must be understood that, like anything else in life, leadership is a choice. Sure, we read all about situations where people have had leadership thrust upon them. But in that moment when it was, that person had a choice to accept it or run the other way. Every story of bravery you hear about has at the heart of it an individual who made a choice to simply take action.

In order to Be the Leader, you must choose it. And then you must own that choice through all its consequences, whether they be positive or negative. Because I can assure you, leadership won't be a complete walk in fields carpeted in wildflowers. There will be adversity. But if you choose to face it and move through it, then you are Being the leader.

And who cares about what anyone else says? It could be family, friends, neighbors, it doesn't matter! You're going to run into hecklers and naysayers wherever you go. You can choose to listen to them and allow them and their insecurities to hold you back, or you can choose to Be the leader and ignore them. Better yet, choose to be a great leader and don't even let them into your personal space to cloud up that positive, successful Leader energy you're now radiating.

Naysayers, even friends and family, might say they're doing it because they care about you and don't want to see you get hurt, or ripped off, or disappointed. And perhaps, in their minds, they really believe that. Maybe they really do believe they're not trying to hinder your leap towards success, but are "watching out for you." Dig down deeper, and you'll see their insecurities looking back at you. They don't want to feel like they're being left behind, and for those who choose not to be leaders and don't want to have freedom and success, that's exactly what your success is going to do to them.

Well, it's what they'll create for themselves, to be more accurate.

They want you to stay right with them, stuck in mediocrity and fear.

In order to Be the leader, you have to choose not to listen to rabble, not to heed their dire warnings. If you look, it's all coming from unsuccessful people full of fear; lazy people who whine and complain that it's not working for them, so why should they try, even when Leaders are succeeding right in front of their eyes.

Successful people --Leaders-- know that they will succeed because they made a choice, and come hell or high water they're going to be a success.

Does it take courage? You bet. It can be really scary to travel into the Unknown without the security of a dependable paycheck. It can be really scary when you're no longer choosing to work for your money, but instead have chosen to make money work for you. So if your investment, or your business, isn't working just yet, then you don't get paid and thus the rent doesn't get paid and you don't eat. It's scary.

But it's oh-so liberating, as well.

As the Leader, there's no one there to dictate to you when you can stop working, when you can eat your lunch, even whether or not to give you permission to stay home if you're sick! There are many workplaces that even dictate what you're allowed to do with your own body! Tattoos, piercings, even coloring your own hair can be against regulations.

Your own body doesn't belong to you when you work for someone else!

Those who have the Leadership qualities in them, who have chosen to Be Leaders, know that there's something very, very wrong with this setup, and they reject it. They choose to be Leaders, with all the responsibilities and freedoms that come with it.

If you know you have what it takes to Be a Leader, make the choice to fill out the form below. Tell me "Yes! I want to Be a Leader!" and I will personally give you a call no later than tomorrow, and I will help you get started helping yourself become the Leader you know you are!


Freedom Revolution: the Movie!

Visualization is important, and as anyone good at visualizing their desires and achieving them will tell you, the emotion and belief you can achieve your dreams is just as important as having the desires clear in your mind. I make movies and put them to music that strikes a chord with me. It's charged with energy, and emotion, and I can see it clearly in front of me.

Now I just need to act as if it's already mine, waiting for me to claim it.


Cheers to Belief

Last night I was writing in my journal about growth, underestimating opportunities and those pitfalls, and having faith in yourself and your friends.

I've been practicing the Law of Attraction in my journal this weekend, as well.

I wrote:

"The money is coming. It is on its way to me right now.

And The Universe said even MORE is on its way.

I know this."

I drew little pictures in my journal --something I never did until last night. I got out highlighters and drew big, fat green dollar signs and arrows pointing straight toward me as I stood in one of my "Me Moment" poses. I think everyone should have a Me Moment; just a moment when they can assume a powerful pose and glorify in their own abilities. It started out as a playful, silly joke among some friends, but I still use it years later and it really boosts my confidence.

Mine is the Superman pose: feet planted shoulder-width apart, hands on my hips, looking up towards the sky as if I were unconquerable, which I am. I imagine I'm wearing a cape and it's flowing behind me. The cape is important. Superman fought for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Mine is my mantle of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love.

So there's this little stick figure picture of me in my Me Moment, with huge money barrelling straight towards me. The caption beneath it is, "That's totally my Destiny!"

And drawing it had really charged me with emotion. I knew in my soul it was right, and real. I went to bed and fostered those feelings.

This morning just before 09:30 I received a phone call from people wanting to give me over three hundred dollars, and I just needed to confirm my mailing address.

People say the Universe works in mysterious ways. Some say that God works in mysterious ways. I say the Universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings every single day, and it's only a mystery if we don't understand how simple it really is to Conceive what we want, Believe it's possible, and then go out and Achieve it.

It's as simple as visualizing it as already being yours. The Law of Attraction works.


Notes from the Universe

It really is easy, Delena. You really are powerful. I really do love you.

You can have it all. You will live forever. And the best is yet to come.

You're already rich. There's more on the way. It's closer than you think. (<-- I love this!)

There've been no mistakes. You've never been judged. And all things are playing out in your favor.

Moreover, as if all of that wasn't enough, it's totally Friday and you're so, so beautiful.

The Universe


Cultivating the Expectation of Leadership Pt. I

Last entry, I spoke of the concept of Be, Do, Have...

Be a Leader in yourself, and in your life.

Do the things a Leader would do. Don't second-guess, don't over-analyze. Just Do It.

Have the things a Leader would have. If you cultivate leadership qualities within yourself, believe you are a leader, you will act upon that sense of leadership within yourself...and it will manifest in your life.

The life you have tomorrow is what you Believe and Do today.

Today was kind of rough, actually. For some reason I woke up and was just in the totally wrong mindset and, for reasons I don't fully understand yet, I was keeping myself there. "I just can't get out of this funk!" I kept saying. I knew that was inaccurate --because only I am able to create my reality-- and I knew subconsciously I was keeping myself there. But instead of stepping out of it and into a reality of my own choosing, the spiral went downward.

Many things went wrong today, and my sparkle was gone. Thankfully, I was aware of what was happening and was able to at least slow the momentum. Foremost on my mind was what sort of example I was setting. It was troubling for a number of reasons, but the main reason was because I knew the message I was sending out was a negative one. I missed an opportunity to let my friends know it is entirely possible to overcome any negativity and remake the day in their own image:

An image of possibility, enthusiasm, ability, and confidence.

And, quite honestly, an image of inner peace. It takes peace in your heart and spirit to conquer your own self.

The magic of leadership is that it's not something that just happens to you by accident. You aren't simply given the keys to the kingdom. However it comes to you, there is the act of taking them for yourself. It's a personal, purposeful choice. And after that, everything in your life is deliberate, as well. Your thoughts and emotions are on purpose and wielded with masterful precision as your confidence in your own abilities grow. Your actions throughout your day are on purpose, driven by the goals you have set for yourself. Your successes are no longer a fluke, but a serious and conscientious manifestation of your previous --deliberate-- thoughts and visualizations.

People around you begin to notice the change within you. You no longer behave as they do. You don't look at the world the same way they do. Your actions are different from what they used to be, different from theirs. Even your language is different, and as you begin to understand the greater, more subtle ways in which the living universe works (and begin to master them) your vision grows sharper than theirs. Everything about you begins to naturally resonate at a higher frequency than the rest of the herd you are now beginning to leave behind.

Some will fall behind, never to be seen again. Some will watch you with distrust and skepticism. Let them go. Yet others will sense this new resonance, and like tuning forks they will begin to feel something within them buzz and sing when you are near.

Close your eyes and picture in your mind someone who struck deep chords within you, someone who lifted you up, encouraged you, and made it easy to believe in yourself. That's what it feels like when you pick up the leadership resonance in another.

They will feel this when they are near you.

In this state, it is easier for people to retain information more thoroughly because they are operating at a higher frequency than normal. Things you say, ways you act, your patterns of thought will imprint upon them. This is just how it works. They will remember it when they think of you. They might even begin to quote you, or ask themselves what you would do in their situation. They will begin to emulate you.

It just happens.

Somewhere inside them, deep in their subconscious, people are unhappy with their current state. Whether it be they feel empty inside, their relationships never work out, their careers are unfulfilling, their self-esteem is plummeting...whatever it is, subconsciously they know this even if they are unwilling to face it consciously. Most want things to change. I mean, who wouldn't want to be happier if given the choice, right? They're hostile, cynical, waste their energy on bringing others down into failure with them. They do whatever they feel they have to in order to "fill the void." They waste away in dejection and depression. However it manifests in their lives, all of it lies within the realm of self-loathing.

Being around a true leader causes them to like themselves, to see what the possibilities for themselves truly can be. They believe, however briefly as they bask in a leader's resonance, that anything's possible. And a leader believes in them because a leader is able to see the potential of everyone around them. Why?

Because they are mastering the art of believing in themselves, and bringing those beliefs into fruition in their own lives. That's all a master does: they Live Life, and they lead by example.

That's all it takes.

Knowing this, it greatly troubled me that I was unable to master myself enough to rise above my grumpy mood. Already, I'm a leader, and the impression I was leaving was one of harsh tones, frowns, and (most importantly) a lack of my usual sunshine they've come to look forward to. I missed the chance to lift them up, missed an opportunity to lift them up so high they went out and spread their own sunshine to others.

It takes more than to simply be a leader in your own mind. You must take the next step and be a leader to others, and live by example. "But I don't want to be an example!" you might say. I've heard many celebrities and sports stars say this very thing.

Too Bad.

You are a leader. You have achieved greatness within yourself. By their very nature, leaders are examples to others.

Take comfort: you are not alone in this. The universe stands behind you, because as a leader you are now resonating on a frequency that more closely matches that of the Abundant and Infinite Universe. You will know when the time is right to lead others, when it is right for you to take the keys to the kingdom for yourself.

Listen to your subconscious and intuition. They are your closest friends and most trusted advisors. When you are in touch with them, they will never lead you wrong.

Be a leader.


Be, Do, Have

Y'know, people tell me all the time that I always seem so cheerful, that I always see the bright side of things, that I'm always smiling. Now, while the words "always" and "never" are exclusive fallacies and therefore inaccurate, there is something to be said for cultivating an attitude and a presence within yourself. I truly believe that.

Whether or not I happen to feel cheerful, optimistic, or confident at any particular time, I strive at all times to be mindful of myself. In Beyond Freedom, we call it "being conscious of your consciousness." If you're familiar with Bill Harris at the Centerpointe Research Institute, and his phenominal program the Holosync Solution, he calls it "objective observation." But really, self-awareness is just that: being aware of yourself until it's second nature.

The key, I've found, is to step outside of myself and watch my thoughts, behaviors, and feelings with curiosity, as if I were an outside observer. No judgement, no embarrassment. I just watch myself with great curiosity, and I watch my story unfold while being able to see where my behaviors are coming from. This gives me a great freedom from the unconscious reactions that put me into ruts and patterns of unhealthy behaviors and relationships. I can feel my feelings, and think my thoughts, without being a slave to them. I now have the power to choose how I react, how I look at things in my life, and how I approach my day.

I make the choice to be happy.

Lately things have been a little rough for me. I felt anxious and frustrated, even a little panicked, because things weren't panning out for me as I was hoping they would. Wrestling with the GoogleAds monster was leaving me feeling slapped around and hopeless, and I was feeling the strain of cutting back on my paycheck job so I could run Freedom Revolution. However, with no viable leads coming in and my ad campaign pretty much stillborn, I felt tense inside. Really tense.

But we have a mantra here at Liberty League, and that's "Be, Do, Have." And the full spirit of it is simply this:

Be a Leader. Be a true leader in your heart, in your mind, and in your spirit. Be a leader in your daily life, and know that you are a leader.

Do the things a leader would do. This means being decisive, being honest with yourself, looking at the difficult things, taking action in order to improve yourself and your life. It means the buck stops with you, and the great task of responsibility is yours to bear. It's a very great honor, when you look at it, and it's empowering.

Have the things a leader would have. By taking that first step and being a leader already, and doing the things you know a leader would do, naturally it would follow that you will eventually nurture those things a leader has.

What do leaders have? Well, all sorts of things, really. Who are the leaders in your life? Do they have your respect and admiration? Those are things you will gain, too. Do you follow them, or look up to them because they have confidence, creativity, and clarity of vision? Well, you'll gain those things, too. Leaders believe in themselves and --more importantly-- they believe in the power and abilities of others.

Leaders are leaders because they inspire people to reach for something greater in themselves, to aspire to higher levels of achievement, to reach down deeper into themselves and unearth troves of strength and generosity that had heretofore lain dormant within their hearts. And most people, if you give them half a chance, will rise to your challenge to be greater than they are and plumb the depths of human compassion and love. Nothing is as miraculous and insurmountable as the human spirit, and I believe everyone, deep down, is capable of working miracles.

Knowing this, it was simply a matter of finding the miracles within myself. For a while, I had been knocked out of my state of objective observation. So I took a deep breath and stepped back. The first thing I noticed was that I was afraid. Afraid of what? And then it came to me: I was afraid of imminent failure. I was so afraid of failing and letting my family down, of reaching for my dream and missing, that it every minor setback was feeding this panic inside me. However, I also realized --surprisingly enough-- that I was also afraid of succeeding. Now, where before I would have sat down with this and dissected it for days until I knew every microscopic corner of the motivations of my fears, instead I simply sat down and went back to my Big Why.

Why am I doing this? Why did I take the leap and pour my savings into this business? Why did I walk away from a steady paycheck? Why am I jumping headlong into a world to which I had given such a wide berth before, namely the world of Business and entrepreneurship?

That was easy:

<-- This little guy right here. There's my Big Why. Randy Pausch, in his Final Lecture, said, "Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things. They let us show our dedication." By allowing my panic, frustration, and doubt to cloud my vision, I had allowed the brick walls and difficulties to defeat me. But looking at that adorable face that looks so much like my own, how could I do anything other than overcome any obstacle that comes my way? For him, I would go to the ends of the earth and face any fear. Parenthood is the greatest leadership role of all.

These difficulties that had gotten me down before? By being conscious of my consciousness, I was able to see they were blessings! They were a great chance for me to show my dedication to my Big Why. They were a reminder of how much I'm willing to do, how far I'm willing to push myself, for him. And it was a chance to show how happy I am to face my fears and reach for greatness if it means I get to be an even better mother to my son.

It's about making a difference. Whether it's a difference in your life, your family, your community, or the world, it's all possible if you Be the leader, Do the things a leader would do, and as day follows night, you will Have the things a leader has. Material wealth, surely, but even more importantly, you will have the wealth of human potential at your fingertips.